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  1. One by One


Didn’t know the way that my future life could be
Cause I never did open up my eyes to see
Living in that land of self absorbed make believe
A life of love.. I could never conceive
but right now.. with the Grace of God
right Now..with our fellowship of love
Bit by bit
Day by day
Bit by bit we found my way home

We found my way

When I take a look now all around my life
I see the the love of my family kids n wife
Now.. through Grace.. I have blessed peace
Blessed peace
You know I know I don’t deserve it
You know I almost deserted
But Bit by bit
Day by day
Bit by bit We found my way Home

With the Grace of God above
With the fellowship of love
Can’t do it alone
Not alone

Can’t do it alone

Just hang around..
Yeah you be found
By the Love of the son we found out one by one

Just hang around

Just hang around.. yeah

If you stay every thing OK
You ya leave never will believe
If you stay gonna find your way
If you go bad move there bro

If we tight everything’s all right
If we fade gonna lose our way
Keep it up we gonna find enough
Drop away bring a sad sad day

Mouth… One By One