Can’t we believe
Can’t we believe in ourselves anymore
Yes we’re deceive
Can we just remember our lives just before

Just before we decided to drink
Life was so good and now our life stink
All that we did
Neglected to think
Tell me why, oh why am I getting high

Why why why do I get high...Why why why do I get high

Can’t we rely
Can’t we relay on our knowledge of self
But can we deny
Can we place our egos away on that shelve
Remember your ego left love behind
Remember you crossed that invisible line
Remember you closed the door to confine your mind your mind..

Devil says your mine

So you think you can hide out
Running, running away from love
But we know, we know your be found out
By his Grace
From above
His Grace from above yeah... A new freedom called love

Don’t be deceive
Don’t be deceived by just grabbing for more
Can’t you believe
Can’t you believe in yourself anymore

Remember that you disconnected from him
Right before you reconnected with sin
Please just don’t do it all over again and again
and again..
and again..
and again

Reach for his Grace from above yeah
Forgiveness called love
Grace from above yeah
A new freedom called love

Forgiveness called love