From the recording HONESTY / Step Ten


Born in nineteen fifty-two way up in the sticks
West Virginia born and bred just another hick
Came along in life one more lonely kid
Trying to find my way just by doing what I did

.. but
Someday I'm gonna change my life
Someday yeah yeah yeah yeah
Someday I'm gonna change my life
Someday soon

All alone in my room fifteen years of age
Haven't learned a doggone thing
Awkward teenage stage
Don't know what I don't know not sure I ever will
Those teenage years were tough so I took the bitter pill


Thank the Lord that God had other plans for you and me me
Like understanding peace love and tranquility
Now we can understand what all the others said
No longer are we addicted lost among the walking dead

Now we been set free by his abundant grace
Turning to the light away from that dark disgrace

( Whisper ) But if you go back

Dreary rainy day in June twenty years gone by
Ain't got much to show for it my how time does fly
Nothing really matters for all that broken pride
When all the others look to me all I want to do is hide

All I want is hide yeah
Someday, someday soon
I'm gonna change my life someday, someday soon