No time to drink NOW we must all think of what WE CAN DO TO PRESERVE OUR FREEDOMS

Thank you for sharing our music with others trapped in addictions. " Spirit Will Guide You" our newest 2021 sixth step EP will be posted June 1st              In the meantime however, if you or your sponsee's are working on steps one through five we got you covered... simply scroll down.

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Check It Twice / Step Four

jacob of the iWorldband

Here we are preparing to receive another wonderful gift. We must be fearless, thorough and above all honest for God's Mercy and Love to truly begin to work in our lives. If we cannot, the result will be nil.

God loves us so much but, how can He give us anything if we are still caught up in satin's lie?

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Believing / Step Three

jacob of the iWorldband

Gaining faith through belief. God with skin on it.. the fellowship.

Think about this..

By God's Grace we have stopped a destructive habit that we never ever though we could.

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