Helping you help others to a musical understanding of our human condition

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 It's a spiritual malady we are all suffering from

 “ for the wages of sin are death” and every shade of grey unto that way

As quoted in the bigger book, " Two or more gathered together in my name " the name of Truth is how we are healed. This is the essence of the "religion" of recovery.  Last gasp lifegiving communication for all of us who have been so very, very close to being constitutionally incapable. Had "WE" not had that blessed moment of clarity, granted us by the Grace of Almighty God through the blood of Jesus Christ, we would have in-deed missed our real purpose for living. Creating another lost human tragedy in our world that cannot be measured and never afforded. 

jacob of the iWorldband / Executive Director 

“Of myself I am nothing the Father doeth the works”

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