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Well I’ve been drinking for thirteen years
When all those suds turned salty tears
Lived my life with can in hand
Lost my way can’t understand why I don’t know why I’m here
Real repressed, so possessed, at my best
Well I’ll have another beer

Had a great girl hitched to me
She run out with best friend Steve
16 years Whatta I got
A handful of dead forget-me-knots
Tell me how can I be sincere
Steeped in fear so depressed well I guess... Ahhhhhh

“ For 16 precious years, He sat on this stool right here.. and drank beer, He let his love disappear, as if isolated in a biosphere, Couldn't see or hear, yes for him with that beer everything just seemed to become so crystal clear “

Well I’ll have another Beer! have another beer

Six more years nothings changed
Hair fell off a bit deranged
Now I know why this is me
The things I’ve done why you can’t believe
As for me there’s nothing left
Only shame and disrespect
If only I could start again
to avoid this way’s bitter end

I tried God but He don’t hear
Can’t forgive so oppressed..well I guess

Hey bar keep.. I’ll have another beer