From the recording Healthy Humble Pie / Step 5


Something wonderful has happened - to us
A Love we had to embraced
A simple gift has been received by us
One of His matchless Grace

Our troubles have been taken..Taken Away
Addictions removed.. Taken Away.. Today

A miracle has occurred our lives
So amazing and new
A bright true spirit has entered our hearts
Pushed out the blues

Our troubles have been taken Taken Away
Drunk-en-ness removed Taken Away
That-Isolation-has-been-taken Taken Away
Addictions removed Taken Away.. Today

.. but .. by the.. Grace of.. God

God can change you from who you think you are
To that original earthenware jar
No longer trapped in that stronghold of sin
You can be comfortable in your own skin

Just let us help you understand how you can
Re-introduce you to the Great i Am
Stand on your knees and just continue to pray
You’ll know the truth You’ll know the way
God can change you from who you think you are