From The Recordings Html


She took the A train
Down to the inner-city
Searching for salt
Tryin hard to keep it pretty

Gonna spend the weekend with her Mom and the kiddy
..but she needed that fix
to calm the comittee

When that first shot came
She knew she was unwitty
Cause the boss in town
Popped crazy in her ditty

Then that bubble gum punch
Hit with such gritty
Could’nt wake her up
What a pity

You can’t believe..
All the trouble she left behind
That child of hers might as well been blind
Cause her momma couldn't keep it up
She had enought dang trouble keeping up her own stuff
Left to the streets she went that way
Just like her momma still selling today
Hope somebody’s listening..


Same ole story
One billion times
Folks get High
Folks get blind
Everybody loses
Ain’t nobody win
An everlasting death lost in sin