1. High Hopes


Special thanks to legendary Pink Floyd for this amazing music and inspiration.

Yes God did bless me more
More than I deserved to be
Born in a country free and strong
What lies my future that was all left up to me
Will God’s Love be my history
As I grew stronger my will increased within my age
Self will riot I became

Beyond the days of the place I lived when I was young
Ego’s rule had overcome
My thoughts turned inward without perceived boundary’s
The ring of the dark call had begun

My flesh was weaker
The call was stronger
Darkness overtaking

Ran with that ragged band that knew they knew just what to do
Not knowing all they did not know
Marching forward into the unkind spiritual
Victims all we thought we knew the way
Down that black hole
Can’t see where we’re going
Through childhood fears and broken dreams

No turning back
To the world that we had left behind
Locked in our fantasies deserved
Pushed by our will’s
To a place of subjugation
Losing ourselves in hate preserved

Our Flesh was weaker
The call was stronger
Drink and drugs abounded
Morally absconded
Now Ruination
Our Lost Salvation
Bleakest Devastation
Dark Dark Damnation