From the recording Generational


Stay in kindergarten as long as I can
Never wanna grow up don’t wanna be a man
Upstairs in my room living alone
My mommy love me so much she leave me alone

Forty-Eight year old feel like a child
I’m gonna grow up may take a while
The party rages on still out of my mind
I don’t worry got plenty of time

Growing up gonna show up when its time

Yeah.. I watch the boob
I see all those successful people drink drinking that booze
I’m headed for the top where I’m gonna find
A man among men
A legend in my mind

A legend in my own mind

Growing up
Slow enough
Gonna show up when its time

It’s Time

Ain’t about what you think
All about what is real
Not about no drink
Your precious time addiction will steal
No it ain’t about what you think
All about what is true
Your standing on the brink
One slip and you’ll lose you
God help them put the drug down
Yes you need to know why
You gotta get found found before you die
Found before you die