From the recordings Radio Play and Cry From The Heart / Step 7


So many folks trying to design it
Plumb line it on there own
So many souls tired and blinded
Stumbling out there all alone
So close to home

We just keep on trying to find it
Looking for a needle in the hay
If we just quit trying to find it
Then God could make a way

You put it down
The drugs and the drink
Becoming oh so natural
Reach out
Help somebody new
Becoming oh so natural
The fog lifts
Now we think
On that brink

Amazing love now we found it
Our way is your way too
Its hard to believe it took so long to find it
Hidden just inside of you
Inside of you

So relaxed so renewed
Become supernatural
Keeping evil away
Your concern
Become supernatural
Paradigm shift
Smile returns
One hundred and eighty degree turn
That’s supernatural

Finally you see that you had it all wrong
Pushing way to strong
No human power
But by His Grace that showers your true life
Minus the strife once again
Now by our actions His light will reveal
What dark tried to steal
Lost in that season
Bound up by those demons now gone defeated forever until
You decide on your own
Probably stoned
You can do this again
Under your power
Inside egos tall tower again, in sin, to the end or until