From the recording The Real You / Step 2


The time of our life goes so fast
Ichin to get older then prayin it’l last
But you’ll always have time to make that change
The Grace of God can rearrange your brian
but then Monday pops in and its time for work
Dont feel like going in but you know you cant shurk
Cause if you don’t show you gonna lose your shirt
As you watch the man in the mirror

How many years has it been
Workin for the man again
When we get old what will we do
Broke , tired to weak to move

It all weights so heavy, heavy on our minds
As our lives move forward on our timeline
Not feelin what were doin
Goin no where
Dead end job seems no one cares

Seems no one cares

I’ve been stuck here in a dream

Better way now there must be
Not everyone be as blind as me
but how can I ever understand. just whats right
So confused by this millenial blight
See i’m worry about the family the wife and the kids
Ashamed for the things that I never did
They say give it all up give it up to God
He’s the only one ever that needs to applaud

The way you live
The things you do
The love you give
It’s all for you

Come with us and we’ll help you find
The connection between your heart and your mind

To take ya to that place beyond your dreams
To the love you deserve to complete that scene
Through us with Him to your father of Light
Christ always bring supernatural life

Super natural Life

I’ve been stuck

Your in your own way
Need to get with us right away
Put your problems on the table
By God's truth will get you able