From The Recordings Html


We really need to stop and think
All about the edicts they put down in ink
Just how will they rule the earth
Will they pulverize us into dirt

Now ..

They have the power
Mighty to shower
Evil or blessings
Their egos addressing all of us

Lift us up or crush us into dust
Their decision to envision us

So where is God in all of this
Our Almighty God that you can’t dismiss
For He will judge them by their choices
Proclamations exclaimed with their voices

For ..

They weren’t elected
Truth was rejected
Evil opinions
Stealing dominions

We really need to stop and think .. to stop and think.. Yeah

You see ..

We have the power
God is our Tower
Evil or Blessings
They’ll all be confessing

Restore our vote
Re-electing hope and trust
Our decision to envision us