I gave up everything to show you
To show you just how much I care
Laid down my life to show you
Show you just how much I care
But yet you walk away from me little one
Walk away like I’m now even there
Not even there

Why do you do that to yourself
Pay those pricey self destructive dues
Now you wear it on your skin
Those darkened track so black and blue
Over my precious love
You choose to use

You start to know me over time
If you just go back back to how you really are

Yes if you let yourself get to know me
Together we can go far
Your be amazed at what I do for you
If you just let me play that lead guitar
Let me play the lead guitar. Yeah

Know Im not like all the others
Cause I aint never never ever gonna leave
Not like any other lover .. any lover
Cause my forgiving ways you can’t conceive
I will show you my love forever
And over time you will believe
You will believe