From the recordings Corruption and Lost to the World


Hocus Pocus

Can we believe what we hear
Who concieves what we see
Democratic TV news
Make’s up how the left decieves

Why can’t they just tell the truth to set themselves free

Because their stumbling in darkness so blind that they just can not see

Lost to the world
Lost in the dark wind

Its just a raising up of the dark side
Shamed by the truth.. they all hide
They know they ain’t never ever gonna win
Cause Jesus Christ is the ruler over all sin

Bringing others down the way they are
Promise everything but a shooting star
Can’t even disagree to disagree. then they scream
You Damn better be just like me

It’s just darkness
Powered heartless
Promising all things
True deception
No correction
Turn on the masses you’ll feel the sting

Its just the raising up of the dark side
Shamed by the truth honesty they all hide
They know that they never ever gonna win
Because Christ is alrerady victorius over sin

Its that down and dirty cut and paste
ats how the cancel culture plans to erase
America that gave its blood to save
Now the tail tries to wag the dog away

Lost to the world
Lost to the world
Don’t be fooled to take the bait
For life as you know it will be debased
Lost to the world