From the recordings More Than Just Alive and Corruption


You know we see whats goin on
It makes us so sad
Empowered evil pushing way too strong
Killing all those so defenseless in the way..

Aint much of that nice life left
That all that evil hasn’t wrecked yet
Wherehas our freedom gone

Gone away
So far away we long for yesterday
If we are to survive
We need to rise up and be more than just alive

Seems we cant see or hear no more
Blinded worldwide by that static storm
Where is that truth we need
To be free Indeed

We must return to Him the only one
Our Master lover Father’s son
For he’s the only one that can love heal restore and bestow

With His rightousness we can change dark to bright
As we fight for the right of his light
Can we survive
Rise up and be more than just alive

If we roll another ten years down the road
Then ..What will be left of our souls
If we keep going like were goin now
Someway Somehow
You know we got to change
Become second -
Got to come togetheras one
When will love start
We’ve grown so apart by our hardened human hearts
Will we survive

We got to rise up and be more than just alive