What we watch each day
Sad to say
Why can’t we just all get along
We drink to endure our living ruse
All the drugs the masses use stop before sanity's gone
Disintegration of our planet nation watch as we crumble and fall
We need a Saviour someones who’s braver
Proclaiming the truth of it all
We view all the others down in the gutter through no fault of their own
Greed is the reason why so many have to die robbed of their freedom and homes
Streamed Television has made its incision and we’re all bleeding red
Those talking heads all that the’ve said Is truth dead
No we believe there could be someone who sees who was there at the start
Yes we believe there’s someone who see’s
See’s every thought of our hearts
Lord help us believe
Through your Grace to receive who we can be
Lord help us believe through your Grace we indeed can be set free
Now we can resurrect our faith that we did neglect by trusting only in Him
God the uncreated one Holy Spirit Father Son praised by the winged seraphim
He is the reason for Every season
Creates every snowflake that falls
If your allow Him deep down within honesty Can begin
With our true love again
With our true love again
Honesty Can begin With our true love again