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One eight oh degrees yeah

180 degrees

You been alone most of your life I see
HA.. like I was too
Yeah alone afraid but most of all you so afraid of you
But you been running away from love my friend
Can’t ya see it can’t ya see
You need to run for your life in the opposite direction one eight O degrees

Gonna run, Gonna run

You know its true

So right now can’t understand where your at
No no no none of us could
We all lost in the fog for so many years it’s all that should-a could-a would
I don’t think so I hav’in too much fun with my posse riding high
I don’t need your help cause ain’t nothing wrong
Only I I decide

You hear me!

I decide

Thats the way it Is

If I told you just how good it all is
Would you ever believe?
Yell No.. you say I wont believe cause I was never deceive
Give us 30-60- or 90 days to prove to you its true
Hey we’ll always return your misery baby if you do’t wont what we give to you
What we give to you

Turn around and get found

One Eight O

Turn around and get found