From the recording Check It Twice / Step 4


Now we all see what you won’t understand
We know that you can’t but you think that you can
All of that guilt that you keep projecting on us
You believe that it’s them but it you, you can’t trust

You... you can’t trust

Day after day through that fog your pursued
By all those spirits that you drop into you
Why cant you see that you running away
From our God that will love you in his most wonderful way

Your so lost you don’t know you are
Afraid and alone just as you are
Deep and cold and far away

So far away

Why in the world was this done to me
All that they did was so real
Can’t understand what’s been done to me
Don’t really know how I feel

I just can’t let go of my way

I just wont believe what you say

You don’t have to live in that cage that you made
Don’t have to exist where you think you must stay
The way is so simple that its easy to miss
Just surrender your will for the Joy of His Bliss