From the recording Powerlessness


Just another day of my way
Lost in the human race
Can't seem to find my way back
From this God forsaken place
Don't have a clue what I'm suppose to do Just another drug addicted clown
Cause these days all I ever think about is going down

Did you know that Love can be established in your hardened heart
Just allow His light into your dark

But I choose trouble avenue
Like I have so many times before
See that old dope house ahead yeah
Watch my feet walk up to that same old door
I know that if i knock if I knock
It won't go good for me
but I just can't seem to stop this wanting more
This wanting more disease

For most of us to feel His love we got to reach beyond and reach above the way we were
Never will we get what we deserve!
Then there's those of us who try to gain some trust in anything but that disqust we've all been through
No pain no gain baby
And don't try to bring back the lie inside all the guys who defied the odds to stay alive You can't lie to us baby

Can't you see how hard God tries to keep you well enough to find your way through that hell enough to Him

Yeah and God Like's you
Oh yes he loves you
God Likes you
Oh yes he loves you