1. America / 2023

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America America
God shed His Grace on thee
He crowned thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea

O beatiful for spacious skies
Your amber waves of grain
Reduced to dust by those in trust
Decisions so profane

Justice gone we don’t get it
Lying killing let's all forget it
Boys are girls, girls are boys
Trafficking kids as sexual toys
Got no borders troubles coming in
Thousands of foreign, strong military men

Where are the people that we elected
Instead our votes have been rejected
Sold out by our politicians
Our country now in bad condition
Abortion reaching far and wide
Killing so many innocent infant lives

Wake up from illusion
Wake up from preclusion

Please Wake Up

Tuth is out lies are in
Satin’s at it once again
Churches best be waking up
Cause their the ones that get this stuff
Remember all what Jesus said
Fight the good fight or your worse than dead

Everyday we lose more freedom
Can’t speak out or you’ll take a beating
Truth is stumbling in the streets
Men with men between the sheets
On the edge of war aint no suprise
When its all gone don’t you act surprised

We broke getting broker everyday
As the puppeteers give us all away
Gotta work together before its all gone
To stop the wars and those atomic bombs

America America
Don’t turn away from Him
Our God who’s blessed us through the years
Forgiveness for our sin

America America
New freedom still resides
“WE” must turn the tide