From the recording Powerlessness


Four Horsemen when you leave
Don’t leave a thing behind
I don’t want nothing
I can’t use nothing

Staying clean one more day
It only leaves me just that way
On my knees I pray
Please not nothing

I hid it between my toes
In a place where no one knows
I settled for nothing
Less than nothing
Frozen like a block of stone
Knowing all thats ever been known
Man that’s nothing
I don’t know nothing

Place a pill into a spoon
Light a match light up the room
Melting down I don’t hear a sound
Isolated so alone
Will I ever just get back home
Going down but doing Nothing

Staying clean one more day
Lord God help me find you way
By not using nothing
Please not nothing

I can’t.. I can’t use nothing

" Townes Van Zandt.. to this great artist with his magnificent work.. We thank you for helping make the difference in the lives of the addicted! "

The iWorldband would like to thank Town Van Zandt for his amazing legacy and his inspiration in helping the addicted