Don't sell short

Something that I didn’t understand as a newbee in recovery was the depth of the Gods Grace that would be revealed in the program. I finally did realize however, that life in addiction is a dead end and a rote life at its very best. No real change ever, just a new version of daily chaos to deal with.

Early on, my mind could not really grasp another way of life, because I had been trapped in such a bad one for so long. Many times as I made my way through early sobriety as a indifferent agnostic I would I asked myself, “Is this all there is?“ 

A self directed life is just that, self directed, but a God directed life is a way that is filled with endless possibilities and a very probable ending beyond your wildest dreams. The only way that can even happen is if we are willing to let go and let God direct our lives. To do that we will need real faith and the best way to find that faith is by attending meetings within the fellowships. There you will see for yourself the realities of doing the next right thing. You will witness amazing outcomes, unexpected twists and turns that seem to bring every thing together, Solutions materialize when none are there and people wake up to real knowledge and a true love for God in their lives…wild but true! 

I will tell you this…

If you have the willingness to go and see for yourself what God does in their lives, pretty soon you will be wondering what He can do in yours.

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