Not what I deserve

I was working on a new piece entitled change before I left for treatment. Now that I’m back, I have. 

Its strange having had good health for so long to now have things wrong and doctors telling you about your condition. Don’t have much control over my condition these days. Prayer is probably the best remedy for what ails me. So many thing could go wrong and then require more rounds of medications or treatments of some kind or another. I know I am blessed to have survived the last go round with what I still have, a voice and the ability to swallow. 

I pray as the say that they “got it all.” That’s something as well, for people can spend years of their life worrying about that every day. You just have to accept it and live with it as best you can. 

The Lord has been kind to me for I have not gotten what I deserve. I suppose the way to that place, is paved with doing the next right thing. Not that we can make things right, for that has already been done for us, but that we now have a heartfelt desire to do things right. It changes everything, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Over time the change can become very dramatic depending on how far off the beam you were. 

Staying the course is very imporatant for on this path it’s hard to make progress with out constancy. When you fall off of it, everything and much more can and is often lost. I have witnessed this in others many times. I suppose, in one way, that is why I choose to stay close to those communities. I need to be reminded of the truth of my own situation. Namely, that I need to keep doing the next right thing and further that if I do, I can expect amazing results, for that is something that I see often as well.

Can I get a witness?

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