Only One Truth

I met a new friend online and other day. He also suffers from cancer but unlike me, He has it worse. He has no energy at all, near death, and must rely so on his wonderful wife to help him through each day. The other day he seemed angry at God. He had spent his life helping others and I guess he expected more in the end than he is receiving. I would call that being human. The idea that our works will somehow help us to achieve a greater life here on earth. I think our works will show up, but only on the other side of eternity in the second judgement. 

Life’s real experience and destiny here was almost missed by me. But for the Grace of God to have shown me the error of my ways, I would have never come to know the Lord. Without the Lord, how can anyone find their true happy divine destiny here on earth? Much like my new friend, the power that sin had over us has been removed. We have been set free. Today our purpose is to continually acknowledge God in our lives by who we are and what we do, even when we are angry at Him. We need to know He is still working things out in us. Although it may seem a long time here, it is but a blink of an eye in eternity. If your reading this my friend, know that we all go through some version of what you are going through. Fire tests metal? In reality, with our Lord, there is no test there is only Love. 

Look around you. What do you see? We see a life we don’t deserve. A loving wife and a wonderful family who loves us in spite of ourselves. Serenity, Peace and Joy in the midst of almost anything that darkness can throw at us. 

How can that be? 

It is the peace of Christ my friend. A Peace that passes all understanding, just to let you know He is with you. He is for you. Yes.. you are indeed living out your happy destiny here on earth and now by His blessed Grace we can see the truth in it all.

Christ IS with you and as we know, there IS only ONE truth.

“The Way The Truth and the Life”

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