Welcome Home

Change is a really hard thing for us. Stubborn and defiant, that’s who we are  when we come in. Besides, we have all the answers, right? The only problem is that everything is wrong. 

I have an elderly friend now who I spoke with the other evening. He is going through the grieving process for he lost his wife and he’s drinking himself to death. He’s the kind of man who needs a wife, so I know its hard on him especially at his age. He is isolated and now lives alone. He’s a bit of a depressive and although He is trying to do what he thinks he needs to be doing, I sense a reluctance to the fellowships of recovery. 

I can say from experience, it’s very difficult to make it out there alone. It’s a WE program for many reasons, but the one that comes to mind ( no pun intended ) is a sick mind cannot heal itself.

I remember those early days wondering what I was doing. I remember thinking what will people think about me now? Who am I going to hang out with? Am I really an alcoholic? I don’t have anything in common with these people. Yeah that was me alright, in full flight from reality! In truth, I desperately needed those pople, but I didn’t know. It. Just like, so many other things I didn’t know. Early sponsors use to tell me “I didn’t know, I didn’t know I didn’t know” Yeah baby, straight up, a real nowhere man.

Change was what I needed, but I was afraid, just like my friend. They told me when I came in “Don’t worry,, there’s only one thing you need to change… EVERYTHING!” Yikes, these people are wacked. What’s a person to do? 

My advice, read the book, stay and follow directions, it ain’t rocket science. I know, I know, this won’t work for you. Why if I didn’t know better I would say your an alcoholic… BAM! 

This all seems funny now because recovery has changed my life in so many great new ways. Now, through recovery, I have been transformed into a much better version of who I really am. No longer afraid now I’m comfortable in my own skin and I gotta tell ya, it feels wonderful!

Back to our dilemma, what’s a person to do? 

Well… it’s as they say, you can go on to the bitter end and die a horrible alcoholic death or change and come with us. We will help you to understand yourself because we are all suffering from the same thing you have, untreated alcoholism. Besides, we all now know, we can’t keep what we have, unless we give it away so guess what?

We really need you here with us!

Welcome home!



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